Workshops for Kids

Semia’s LEGO® Education Seasonal Workshops are based on LEGO® Education Afterschool Program (LEAS) with a touch of seasonal spirit to celebrate the seasons and to keep children engaged in learning during school breaks and vacation. Our workshops are led by a group of trainers who will provide instruction on the topic of the day who will guide participants through each step of the lesson.

Children will work on team and camp projects based on the season and can sign-up for half or full day programs during school vacation days. Participants will build individual structures as well as work as a team and building some mightily impressive large structures.

The Semia LEGO® Education Workshops are a unique experience for children to learn through hands-on and exploratory play. Week long workshops are also available during longer vacation periods.

  • Winter Break Workshops

    Half-day, full-day and multiple days workshops celebrating the season and welcoming in the New Year with creative ways to play utilizing STEM LEGO® programs. Participants will enjoy these workshops and be introduced to STEM Learning through natural play and instructor led classes.

  • February Vacation Workshops

    Our exciting February Vacation workshops focus on Inventors, small machines and simple computer programs. Participants will learn about famous inventors as they explore what it is like to be an astronaut, goal kicker or pinball wizard. We are offering half-day and full-day workshops for children ages 5-10+ which will fill up quickly.

  • April Vacation Workshops

    Have April Vacation be spectacular with our half-day, full-day and multiple days workshops where participants can explore theme based activities that welcome back Spring. Our age appropriate classes have hands-on learning that will excite the curiosity and create a sense of accomplishment with each workshop.

  • Specialty Workshops

    These half-day or full-day workshops focus on a theme that coincide with the day with classes focused on Columbus Day, Patriots Day, or Veterans Day to name just a few. Participants will enjoy these workshops and be introduced to STEM Learning through natural play and instructor led classes.

  • Day of STEM Workshops

    Our Day of STEM Workshops will get Children to think like a real scientist and an engineer. They will be challenged to design and program robots that solve fun and inspirational task. Our talented trainers come to your school or event and provide exposure to the world of Robotics with interactive workshops geared towards all ages with mini 20 minute demonstrations and hands-on stations. The Day of STEM is designed to capture children curiosity, and direct it toward discovering how science and technology impact the world around them. These workshops feature a real-world challenge to be explored through problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork.