Semia Master Club

Semia has been working in the field of robotics education for nearly 20 years. We have established more than 150 LEGO Education branded learning centers in China and Hong Kong, and have been designing and refining a system of robotics education curriculum that can help nurture 21st century skills for youngsters. The mission of the Semia Master Club is not only to help nurture a new generation of builders, but also to create an international platform where students from all over the world can share and grow together.

Semia Robot Master Club(SRC)is a system of learning that includes robotics education curriculum, online resources, and training support designed for children 3 to 18, with focus on robotics competition for students 9+.

SRC curriculum allow students to solve open-ended challenges creatively. For each activity students will have the opportunity to learn to solve problems, acquire and utilize information on-hand, develop divergent thinking skills, build self-confidence by overcoming difficulties, and communicate and work together as a team. Because students will design and build their own solutions to each challenges, the work becomes meaningful to the students, it will be fun and engaging, hence learning will occur naturally as breathing air.

Complete Curriculum System for ages 3-18

The Robot Master Club Curriculum system is developed by Semia. It is based on our 20 years of robotics curriculum development and training experience, and we believe each challenge and activity is well suited for child development at each age group.

PREP(Preferred Robotics Entry Policy) was created to provide a preferential enrollment platform for international universities and FIRST Tech Challenge participants in China, giving students an opportunity to study abroad through their excellent robotics experiences. The Robot Master Club will recommend outstanding students to participate in the PREP project every year and provide opportunities to connect with international universities such as Yale University, Macquarie University, Worcester Polytechnic University, and the University of Rochester. FIRST China Robotics Association and FIRST Scholarship Program work together to provide international study services for innovative Chinese youth. About 200 international universities offer preferential admission policies, and more than 80 million scholarships are available for application.

PREP Interview
  • PREP Interview requirement for FIRST participants:
  • Interview application form with guardian signature
  • Competition history record in the STEM talent database
  • Recommendation letter issued by FIRST China organizing committee
  • 2+ years FIRST competition experience