WRO™ Competitions

Semia works with the World Robot Olympiad™ to inspire young people's interest in science, technology, enginerring and matemathics, while cultivation their hands-on and teamwork. Our goal is to train robot enthusiasts to think and solve problems in teams to collectively solve problems and expand thier love of all things robots. Semia USA is the Massachusetts and Connecticut regional partner for the World Robot Olympiad™. We work to bring teams from around the world together to compete throughout the world to promote STEAM Education.

World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO™) is an event for science, technology and education which brings together young people all over the world to develop their creativity and problem solving skills through challenging and educational robotics competitions. China, Japan, Korea and Singapore were the founding member countries of the WRO™ Organizing Committee in 2004, which since has grown to 60+ member countries. The WRO™ finals take place in a different location every year and has featured Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Russia and Qatar.

Schools are invited to enter a team of three students to participate in this competition. Participating teams need to create, design and build a robot models that look s or behave like a human athlete. The competition starts from preliminary to the final judging. WRO™ has been growing since 2004, changing from 12 countries and 4000 teams in 2004 to 55 countries and 22,000 teams from around the world taking part in WRO™ activities in local, regional, and national competitions in 2017.

There are over 1250 teams in China competing in dozens of competitions around the country.

For more information please visit World Robot Olympiad Association global webweb or the WRO™ USA website.

Juniper Networks

On June 18, 2018 Juniper Networks became the global technology sponsor of the World Robot Olympiad Association in a multi-year agreement to work closely with WRO to promote, stage and further develop this global competition that attracts tens of thousands of young people worldwide.

As a result of this partnership Juniper Networks Waltham, Massachusetts office participated in this year’s World Robot Olympiad Massachusetts & Connecticut Qualifier, which was held on August 11, 2018 at the James L. McKowen Boys & Girls Club of Woburn, MA. With 15 volunteers generously donating their time to help judge the various categories of competition and present the Juniper Award of Design excellence to the top two teams truly made this day memorable. The World Robot Olympiad Massachusetts and Connecticut chapter is very thankful for all their contributions and look forward to working with Juniper Networks for many years to come.

Engineering Simplicity is the enduring philosophy of Juniper Networks, a leader in automated, scalable and secure networks. In the digital age, networks are the lifeblood of how the world lives, works and communicates – encompassing schools, hospitals, transportation systems, entertainment, internet connectivity, retailers, emergency services, banks and beyond, in every community, in every government and in every economy. Juniper believes that this intelligent, sophisticated, powerful technology can - must - also be simple to be effective, efficient and accessible.

Not least, automation has become a key enabler of such technology, functioning alongside humans to create and operate networks that can scale, flex and protect, dynamically adapting to conditions, developments and challenges in nanoseconds. Therefore, it is imperative that the upcoming generations understand automation - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, virtualization – in order to take technology forward into their future. Juniper Networks is proud to be the global technology partner of World Robot Olympiad in 2018 and beyond, as it is the perfect nurturing environment for tomorrow’s automation innovators.